Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited
(A subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited)
DATE - Tue , September 23 - 2014
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MRPL: NSE : 64.05 (+ 1.05) BSE : 63.90 (+ 0.95)
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Limited Tenders

Tender Notification Date Description of Tender Tender Department Tender Number EMD(in RS/USD) Tender Closing Date/Time Job Completion Time Site Location
2014-09-20Supply of Liquid Cum Gas Nitrogen, Qty-250,000M3 for a period of 10 months.Operations Plant3000005686368252014-09-3010 MonthsMRPL Refinery Site, Mangalore.
2014-09-19TENDER FOR GRASS CUTTINGCivil works 3300002500120002014-09-29AS PER TENDER TERMSMRPL REFINERY SITE
2014-09-16Supply of Sodium Chlorite, Qty-100,000 KG.Operations Plant30000055411084002014-10-07Six MonthsMRPL Refinery Site, Mangalore
2014-09-16 Procurement of Diaphragm ValvesMechanical Maintenance3000005581157502014-09-26As per tender documentMRPL, Post Kuthethoor, Mangalore, 575030
2014-09-16Testing of Siemens Relays in MRPL Phase 3Electrical Maintenance3300002475220502014-09-26AS PER TENDERMRPL REFINERY SITE
2014-09-15Tender for structural replacement of surge ponds located at OMS upper plateau and ETP-II as per tender specification attached.Mechanical Maintenance3300002480333002014-10-07As Per Tender AnnexureMRPL, Refinery Site, Mangalore.
2014-09-12Tender for carrying out overhauling of vessels/drums of CHTU phase-III jobs during shutdown as per tender.Mechanical Maintenance3300002457125002014-10-04As per tender Annexure.MRPL, Refinery Site Mangalore.
2014-09-06Tender for pipeline hydrotesting, flange spading and despading jobs in CCR block as per tender.Mechanical Maintenance3300002431326002014-09-26AS PER TENDER ANNEXURE.MRPL, REFINERY SITE MANGALORE.
2014-09-04Tender for Flange tightening by torque wrench or bolt tensioning in process units at MRPL Phase-III refinery as per tender specification attached.Mechanical Maintenance3300002451232002014-09-25AS per Tender Annexure.MRPL REFINERY SITE, MANGALORE.