Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited
(A subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited)
DATE - Sat , April 25 - 2015
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MRPL: NSE : 72.90 (- 0.20) BSE : 73.00 (+ 0.10)
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Limited Tenders

Tender Notification Date Description of Tender Tender Department Tender Number EMD(in RS/USD) Tender Closing Date/Time Job Completion Time Site Location
2015-04-25Supply of Soda Ash, Qty-50,000 Kg for a period of six months.Operations Plant3000006779241352015-05-16Six MonthsMRPL Refinery Site, Mangalore
2015-04-23Supply of Liquid Chlorine, Qty-55MT, for six months period.Operations Plant3000006778106202015-05-14Six MonthMRPL Refinery Site, Mangalore
2015-04-21Procurement of Tubes for DCU heatersMechanical Maintenance3000006579711002015-05-02As per tenderMangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd., Kuthethoor, Via Katipalla, Mangalore 575 030
2015-04-20Procurement of FittingsMechanical Maintenance3000005635317002015-04-30As per tenderMangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd., Kuthethoor, via Katipalla, Mangalore 575 005
2015-04-20Modification of AC System at quality control laboratory by providing additional AHU Electrical Maintenance3300002921490752015-04-30AS PER TENDER DOCUMENTMRPL SITE
2015-04-18Vessel media Loading & unloading as per the specification for one year & extendable by one more year at same rate, terms & condition at MRPL option . Mechanical Maintenance3300002892360002015-05-11AS PER TENDER. AS PER TENDER
2015-04-18Turnkey Project for laying OFC Cable inside GI pipe from Jetty NMPT Silver gate to KIOCL CircleInstrument Maintenance3300002904109352015-04-27AS PER TENDER DOCUMENTMRPL SITE
2015-04-18Tender for engaging the specialized services for stem trap network mapping along with steam leaks & steam trap survey using trap manager for MRPL Phase-III including offsites area as per tender specifMechanical Maintenance3300002860416002015-05-11As PER TENDER ANNEXURE.MRPL, REFINERY SITE, MNAGALORE.
2015-04-18COUPLING SPARES FOR FANS ( CDU 2 ID FAN)Mechanical Maintenance3000006400239202015-05-1831.08.2015MANGALORE REFINERY AND PETROCHEMICALS LIMITED, MANGALORE -575030
2015-04-17Supply of Butterfly valve with Actuator and Smart Positioner.Instrument Maintenance3000006578207002015-04-27Within 4 months from the date of order.MRPL, Post Kuthethoor, Mangalore -575030
2015-04-16Tender for overhauling of DA33401 coker fractionators in delayed coker unit-III during shutdown as per tender specification attached.Mechanical Maintenance3300002877246002015-05-02As per tender Annexure attached.MRPL, REFINERY SITE, MANGALORE.
2015-04-10Tender for SRU/ARU/SWS- Phase-III Vessel overhauling jobs during shutdown as per tender specification attached.Mechanical Maintenance3300002816210002015-04-30AS PER TENDER ANNEXURE ATTACHED.MRPL, REFINERY SITE, MANGALORE.
2015-04-10ARC for Maintenance jobs of Sulphur pastellisation unit at MRPL site phase-III as per tender specification attached. Mechanical Maintenance3300002810144002015-05-01AS per tender Annexure attached.MRPL, REFINERY SITE, MANGALORE.
2015-04-07Tender for Heat Exchanger / Air cooler testing / overhauling jobs in hydrogen unit I/II during shutdown period as per tender specification attached.Mechanical Maintenance3300002831150002015-04-28AS Per Tender Annexure Attached.MRPL, REFINERY SITE, MANGALORE.
2015-04-06Tender for providing the service of minimum 15 Ton capacity X 40 feet trailer as when required as per tender specification attached. Mechanical Maintenance3300002811165002015-04-27As per Tender Annexure attached.MRPL, REFINERY SITE, Mangalore.