5th International Day of Yoga in MRPL

21st June 2019

Fifth International day of Yoga is being celebrated all over the world on 21.06.2019. In this regard, MRPL is conducting a week long program and its inauguration was held on 21st June 2019 at MRPL Employees Recreation Centre.

Shri Girish K Rao, DGM – Estt., SAP & Training welcomed the gathering. Shri BHV Prasad, GGM - HR spoke on the occasion said that June 21st is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, so the day is chosen as the Yoga day. HR Department has planned a weeklong activities for the Yoga week and requested everyone to participate and get benefitted from the same.

Dr Udaykumar K, Faculty, Department of Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences (Dharmanidhi Yoga Peeta), Mangalore University who was the chief guest for the programme spoke on the occasion and said that 70% of the diseases are psychosomatic and yoga can help to cure such diseases. He differentiated the practice of Yoga and other exercises and said that only Yoga can give a balanced exercise to all the parts of our body. There is a relationship between breathing & mind and breathing & life span. Because of the difference in respiratory rate tortoise can survive upto 200 years and dog can survive only 20 years he said. You can overcome any disease with a right practice of Yoga and Yoga can give solution to any problems, he said.

Shri M Venkatesh, Managing Director spoke on the occasion and said that for him the work is worship. What we diligently practice to improve upon is important to keep our body and mind healthy, he said. So much of research is going on about Yoga and Patanjali seems to be the first to formalize some of the Yoga sutra. Do not worry about promotions & transfers and respect each other’s abilities instead, he appealed.

Ms Lekshmi M Kumaran, CGM-HR proposed the vote of thanks. Ms. Meenakshi G, Asst. Mgr - HR compered the event. Senior management personnel, CISF jawans and employees took part in the event.