Benzene is a colourless, inflammable liquid product with a sweet odour. It finds its applications in various chemical intermediaries which are converted into products of daily use. Some of the major applications of Benzene are in making Styrenic product, polyurethane, and polycarbonate, used in moulding or packaging products as LAB (surfactants) in detergent, Phenol-Acetone as phenolic/epoxy resins used in laminates.


Connected with New Mangalore port with dedicated pipeline for shipments via vessel.


OMPL has infrastructure for road tanker loading.


Benzene Specification







1 Appearance, Visual Inspection Clear liquid free  of sediment  and haze at ambient temperature Visual
2  Purity, wt . %  99.9 Min  ASTM  D4492 / D7504
3 Total sulpfur, Wtppm 1 Max ASTM D5453
4 Specific Gravity(15.6 .C) 0.882 Min 0.886 Max ASTM D4052
5 Solidification Point 5.45 .C Min ASTM D852
6 Colour, Pt -Co Scale 20 Max D 1209
7 Toluene, wt ppm 200 Max ASTM D4492 / d7504
8 Chlorides, Wtppm 1.0 Max ASTM D4929
9 Non aromatics, Wt ppm 1000 Max ASTM D 4492 / D7504
10  Water / Moisture  No free Water  Visual
11 Bromine Index, mg/100gm 10 Max ASTM D776
12 Thiophene, mg/ kg 0.06 Max ASTM D7011
13 Acid Wash Color 1.0 Max ASTM D848
14 Acidity No free Acid ASTM D847
15 Distillation Range @760 mmg 1 Max intl 80 .1 ASTM D850
16 Total Nitrogen, Wtppm 1 Max ASTM D6069
17 Copper Strip corrosion 1A(Pass) ASTM D849