Paraxylene is also known as PX or P-Xylene. Para xylene is a colorless, flammable liquid that has a sweet odour. Paraxylene is primarily used as a basic raw material in the manufacture of purified terepthalic acid (PTA). PTA and MEG produces polyethylene terephthalate (PET) saturated polyester polymers. Polyesters are used to produce fibers (POY/PSF) & rigid packaging units. PET bottles are widely used for its superior mechanical & barrier properties for packaging aerated beverages & portable water.


Connected with New Mangalore port with dedicated pipeline for shipments via vessel.

Appearance, Visual Inspection Clear liquid free sediment and haze at ambient temperature Visual
 Purity, wt . %  99.7 Min  UOP 720 / ASTM D5917
 Non Aromatics, wt . %  0.05 Max  UOP 720 / ASTM D5917
 Total of MX, OX & EB, wt%  0.25 Max  UOP 720 / ASTM D5917
Total Sulfur, Wt ppm 1 Max ASTM D5453
Chloride , Wt ppm 1 Max ASTM D4929
Bromine Index, mg / 100 gm 20 Max ASTM D5776
Acid wash color 2 Max ASTM D848
Color , Pt - Co Scale 10 Max ASTM D 1209
 Distillation Range @ 760 mm Hg, .C  1 incl. 138.3  ASTM D850
Specific Gravity (15.6 .C) 0824 Min 0.866 Max ASTM D4052
 Meta Xylene, Wt .%  To Report UOP 720/ ASTM D5917
 Ortho Xylene, Wt . %  To Report  UOP 720/ ASTM D5917
 Ethyl Benzene, Wt %  To Report  UOP 720/ ASTM D5917
 Toulene, Wt ppm  To Report  UOP 720/ ASTM D5917
 Benzene, Wt ppm  To Report  UOP 720/ ASTM D5917