MRPL began the observance of Vigilance Awareness Week (27th October to 2nd November 2020) today, with the administration of Integrity Pledge.  The ‘Integrity Pledge’ was taken by all the MRPL employees at 11 in the morning. During Vigilance Awareness Week, various events and competitions are organised to have a dialogue with the general public and to involve students and young minds to promote Vigilance.

MRPL has organised various events and competitions for employees, stakeholders and the general public to spread this year’s theme “Vigilant India-Prosperous India”. This observance is done by all Central government organisations under the aegis of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) of the Government of India. In view of the COVID-19 guidelines, MRPL has conducted all the events through either e-mail based platform or through Dropbox collection. During all contests, social distance, wearing of mask and avoiding of physical contact were strictly ensured. On each day it is planned to launch various E-books and manuals which clearly lay down the procedures and guidleines pertaining to the vigilant functioning of the employees.

After the pledge ceremony, the inaugural ceremony of the Vigilance Awareness Week was held.  Shri M. Venkatesh Managing Director, Smt Pomila Jaspal Director – Finance, Shri Sanjay Verma Director – Refinery and Shri Rajeev Kushwah ITS, Chief Vigilance Officer of MRPL inaugurated the programme by lighting of the lamp. Shri BHV Prasad, Executive Director – Projects, Shri M. Elango Executive Director –Refinery, Shri Krishna Hegde GGM HR, Shri Pankaj Agarwal GGM Materials and Shri Sanka Nagaraju GM Materials were present on the occasion.

MRPL‘s initiatives to promote Vigilance were launched in the form of an E-Book on “Procurement Procedures and Guidelines” and an online “Vendor Bill Tracking System” with initiative from the Materials department.

Shri M Venkatesh, Managing Director, spoke on the occasion and said: “Vigilance and Honesty are part of Indian Culture” and called upon all the stakeholders to uphold the spirit of Vigilance as it is essential for countries prosperity. Smt Pomila Jaspal stressed upon the need to be vigilant from personal front itself and praised the “Robust Vigilance System” which is in place at MRPL and Shri Sanjay Verma while sharing his views on the importance of Vigilance highlighted the culture of honesty which abounds in the people of this part of Karnataka.  

Shri Rajeev Kushwah, Chief Vigilance Officer, spoke upon the Vigilance Road Map ahead of MRPL. He stressed upon the need to have well laid down guidelines and procedures in specific domains. He also emphasised that MRPL vigilance department strives to have a focus on internal housekeeping and preventive Vigilance.

Shri Krishna Hegde welcomed, and Vigilance team led by Shri Lakshmeesha, GM – Vigilance coordinated the programmes.