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MRPL observes Security Awareness Week

12th December 2011

"Securing MRPL is a shared responsibility and we must all help in protecting Team MRPL and the company” said Shri P P Upadhya, Director (Technical) while inaugurating the Security Awareness Week at the Training Centre. He added that the focus on security should not be contained in a week of activity and this was a 24 x 7, 365 days long critical function which needs to be vigilant all the time"

The Week of activities started with a “bang” with Heads of Security of neighboring industries lending their presence at the inaugural- Shri Shashikant, Head of CISF, Bajpe airport, Shri Meena CISF DC of NMPT, Major (Retd) R K Varma of MCF and Shri Srinivas Nair, Installation Manager of BPCL adorned the gathering comprising senior management of MRPL, CISF QRT, and other team MRPL members.

Major (Retd) Hallikeri welcomed everyone.

In full recognition of the “u” in security and the motto powerful “security – with you and by you”, every GGM spoke on the occasion.
Shri H P Pai, GGM (Maint) urged everyone to co-operate with security, and not feel offended when they subject you to security check at the Gate. “They are doing it for the sake of us and the security of our company” he pointed out.

Shri Ramsubramanium, GGM (Ops) acknowledged that security is a very tough job and the man in khakhi who stands guard, come rain or shine, does a monotonous yet tiring job for the sake of our company and our people. “Therefore we all should extend whatever help we can to the Security personnel”, he said. But he also suggested that the security drill should not become predictable or else mischief makers can elude these checks.

Shri Vijay Joshi, GGM-Phase-3, said that security is doing a very good job in preventing theft and pilferage in Phase-3 despite adverse site conditions and tremendous obstacles. He complimented them on their teamwork and said he counted on their support to successfully commission the Phase-3 project.

Shri Koppalkar, GGM (Mat & IS) spoke about data security and information security which is equally vital in these days of technological advancements.

Shri P S Ravindran, GGM (F) pointed out that financial disparity is what encourages theft and malicious behavior and hence poor people from around the refinery area must be protected by CSR so that their needs are fulfilled and gratitude will make them protect the refinery.

Shri K Lakshminarayana, GGM(HR) spoke about the need to co-operate with the Security. Minor inconveniences at the gate must be overlooked in view of the larger interest of protecting lives and property. He explained that these men in khakhi are like our soldiers and they will lay down their lives to protect us and we must give them due consideration and respect.

Shri PP Upadhya reinforced Shri Lakshminarayana’s words and said that if anyone sees violations for eg drivers smuggling in and using cell phones in the battery area, overspeeding, suspicious people or activities. The security department must be alerted. MRPL being a critical asset of the country, we may attract the attention of wrong-doers and being vigilant and prepared is the only solution. He acknowledged that though short staffed the alert security guards have contributed to even averting fires and accidents within the refinery area and they must continue to do their job diligently.

Victor from Security compered the event and Shri Sushilchandra; GM (HR) delivered the vote of thanks.

Shri P P Upadhya, Director (Technical) inaugurating the Security Awareness Week at the Training Centre.