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5th International Day of Yoga in MRPL

21st June 2019

Fifth International day of Yoga is being celebrated all over the world on 21.06.2019. In this regard, MRPL is conducting a week long program and its inauguration was held on 21st June 2019 at MRPL Employees Recreation Centre.

Shri Girish K Rao, DGM – Estt., SAP & Training welcomed the gathering. Shri BHV Prasad, GGM - HR spoke on the occasion said that June 21st is the longest day in the northern hemisphere, so the day is chosen as the Yoga day. HR Department has planned a weeklong activities for the Yoga week and requested everyone to participate and get benefitted from the same.

Dr Udaykumar K, Faculty, Department of Human Consciousness & Yogic Sciences (Dharmanidhi Yoga Peeta), Mangalore University who was the chief guest for the programme spoke on the occasion and said that 70% of the diseases are psychosomatic and yoga can help to cure such diseases. He differentiated the practice of Yoga and other exercises and said that only Yoga can give a balanced exercise to all the parts of our body. There is a relationship between breathing & mind and breathing & life span. Because of the difference in respiratory rate tortoise can survive upto 200 years and dog can survive only 20 years he said. You can overcome any disease with a right practice of Yoga and Yoga can give solution to any problems, he said.

Shri M Venkatesh, Managing Director spoke on the occasion and said that for him the work is worship. What we diligently practice to improve upon is important to keep our body and mind healthy, he said. So much of research is going on about Yoga and Patanjali seems to be the first to formalize some of the Yoga sutra. Do not worry about promotions & transfers and respect each other’s abilities instead, he appealed.

Ms Lekshmi M Kumaran, CGM-HR proposed the vote of thanks. Ms. Meenakshi G, Asst. Mgr - HR compered the event. Senior management personnel, CISF jawans and employees took part in the event.




World Environment Day Celebration

6th June 2019

The World Environment Day programme was held in MERC on 6.6.2019. Shri UV Aithal, CGM – HSE welcomed the gathering. Shri Keshava Nayak, CGM Planning & Mech Maint, Shri Chander Mani, CGM- Project Commercials and Shri V Nandakumar, CGM – Petrochem and R&D administered the environment day pledge in Kannada, Hindi and English respectively.

Speaking on the occasion Shri M Vinayakumar, GGM I/c Refinery said that the world leaders while deliberating on growing environmental concerns, set targets to the individual countries towards reducing emissions. The targets were further given to the industries and accordingly MRPL has already met its target during the last year. Due to the actions taken by all of us, earth will continue to flourish in coming years, he hoped.

Shri Rajeev Kushwah, CVO spoke on the occasion and remarked that only a limited people have an access to clean air these days. We have polluted this air in the last 30-40 years, so we need to commit ourselves to work every hour, every day to beat air pollution, he alerted.

Ms Saumya Chandraker, DGM – HSE introduced the Chief Guest of the day Dr KV Rao, Director of Science Division, Pilikula Nisarga Dhama.

Dr KV Rao spoke on the occasion and said that due to the advent of civilisation man discovered fire, and by burning of wood, coal and later the vehicle exhaust all together contributed towards air pollution. One can influence the cloud formation artificially but not the movement of clouds, which occur due to changes in atmosphere, he said. So the only option left to man is not to disturb the earth and take corrective measures, he deliberated. Nuclear Fusion appears to be the solution to the problem of Global Warming and the countries need to get their act together in order to succeed in protecting our mother earth, he stressed. Like Dinosaurs, human beings should not become extinct, let the earth be green and let the people live in peace, he said. He thanked MRPL for supporting Pilikula to conserve western ghat plants.

Shri Jayaprakash Nayak, Sr Scientific Officer, KSPCB spoke on the occasion and said that when we release CO₂ trees give us O₂ so we need to preserve trees and take care of our nature better. Plant atleast one tree in your premises, your country & your world will be greener and better place to live, he said.

Shri M Venkatesh, Managing Director spoke on the occasion and said that MRPL is using domestic sewage water which is 10% of the total usage of water and very soon this usage will be doubled to further reduce dependence on the fresh water. We need to reduce the fossil fuel consumption and shift to energy efficient means which keep our air clean, he felt. We are in the process of setting up a biodiversity park in our neighbourhood in our efforts to beat air pollution, he remarked.

Shri Srinivas R, Chief Manager – Environment and Safety proposed the vote of thanks. Shri Charan Kumar, Manager-HSE chanted the invocation. Ms Pavithra Kotian from HSE Department compered the programme. Prizes were distributed to the winners among the school children, dependents and employees.

Later the dignitar ies planted saplings in the MERC premises.