Refinery Operations go on Stream

26th April,2012

Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka has passed an order to draw 2 MGD water from Nethravathi river on 25 April’12. District Commissioner of Mangalore District has agreed to supply water @ rate of 5 MGD with immediate effect as the Thumbe dam on Nethravathi river is overflowing to sea.

Refinery has already commissioned CCR I and CDU II. Commissioning of Hydrogen generation unit, Hydrocracker unit I, Gas oil hydrodesulphurization unit (GOHDS) and CCRII commissioning has been started and expected to be on stream by 28th April’12.

Commissioning of Phase III expansion units will be kept on hold till the increase in water supply @ 8.5 MGD is sanctioned by the GoK. The planned shutdown of Hydrocracker II for 45 days and other associated units will continue and shall be completed by May end.