"Samrakshan" to children..MRPL is the "Kamadhenu of Mangalore", says Shri Palemar

July 21, 2008

MRPL's CSR initiative Samarakshan is on the go. There is no facet of community welfare in Mangalore that is not touched by MRPL's Samrakshan. Education, Culture, Infrastructure, Health & Medical facilities.. you name it, we are there.

Shri R Rajamani, MD, MRPL greeting Shri Krishna Palemar, Hon'ble Minister for Port, Inland Water Transport. Ecology & Environment, District-in-charge, DK & Kodugu.

So much so that Shri Krishna Palemar, Hon'ble Minister for Port, Inland Water Transport. Ecology & Environment, District -in-charge, DK & Kodugu, described MRPL as the 'Kamadhenu' of Mangalore.

He was speaking at the function held at the newly built Paediatric Block (Regional Advanced Paediatric Care Centre (RAPCC)) of Wenlock Hospital where our MD Shri R Rajamani handed over "paediatric endoscopic" equipment worth Rs75 lakhs to the Hospital.

Dr Prabhudev, District Surgeon & Supdt, Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore, welcoming the gathering

Shri Palemar was full of praise for MRPL and for the captain of our ship, Shri R Rajamani, MD, and the Corporate's heightened Social Responsibility. He reminiscenced about the number of good initiatives that MRPL has undertaken for Mangalore especially Bala, Cheleiru etc..


Shri R Rajamani and Shri Krishna Palemar inaugurating the programme

Shri Yogesh Bhat, MLA, Mangalore South Constituency endorsed the minister's views and also put forth a CSR project that will leave MRPL"s stamp on the Mangala stadium.

Shri Maheshwar Rao spoke at length about Wenlock Hospital and the value of the equipment donated by MRPL. In the short meeting he had with Shri R Rajamani, just before the handing over function, Shri Rao had found light at the end of the tunnel that was the bottleneck for getting the newly built hospital going. "The ISO systems and the HR consultants suggested by MRPL's MD & GGM (HR) should help me to put in place a professionally managed and well maintained Hospital", he acknowledged gratefully.


Shri R Rajamani and Shri K Lakshminarayana handing over endoscpy unit to Shri Krishna J Palemar.

Shri Rajamani gracefully acknowledged the role of MRPL and recollected how MRPL had to reallocate budgets to provide the money for such a valuable facility for Mangalore, at the behest of DC, Mangalore. CSR, is the hallmark of a company's character, he said and Corporates need to participate in improving the welfare of the community and the country.

Shri R Rajamani addresing the gathering

The other dignitaries on the dais, Dr Prabhudev District Surgeon & Supdt, Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore, Dr Ganesh Pai, Paediatric Surgeon, Dr Shantaram Baliga, Paediatrician, Wenlock District Hospital, Mangalore and Shri Lakshminarayana, GGM (HR) also spoke and the function concluded with tea and snacks and smiles all around.