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Tender No: 3000012993Posted Date: 2018-04-26
Tender Type: E-Domestic(Two Bid)Closing Date: 2018-05-17
Tenders are invited for the following work:
Name of Work: Hydrogen Peroxide for a period of one year
Tender Fee (in INR): Not Applicable
Tender Fee (in USD):
Tender Forms Issue-Start Date & Time: 2018-04-26 09:00:00
Tender Forms Issue-Closing Date&Time: 2018-05-17 15:00:00
Prebid conference Place/Date/Time:
EMD (in INR): 1931000
EMD (in USD):
Product Category: Chemicals/Minerals
Tender Category: Goods
Form of Contract: Supply
Tenders-Last Submission Date & Time: 2018-05-17 15:00:00
Tender Opening Date & Time: 2018-05-17 15:30:00
Site location: MRPL Refinery Site, Mangalore
Job Completion Time: One Year
Contact Person from MRPL : Anom Bhaskar Sontakke
Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, Kuthethoor, Katipalla, Mangalore 575 030. Karnataka, India
For E Tender registration and tender downloading: From Antares Systems Limited
Mr Dilip Ranganath
Tel : 0824-2882248
e mail :
website :

Job Description:
Hydrogen Peroxide for a period of one year,as per Technical Specification & Tender Details
Special Instructions:
Other than E-Public Tenders, completed Tenders should be Sealed and sent to : Materials Department, Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited(MRPL), Kuthethoor Post, Via Katipalla, Mangalore - 575 030. For E-Public Tender, purchase of tender document & submission of offer through Bidders are requested to note that all future Corrigendum�s, Changes, Extensions of bid submission date, etc with regard to this tender, if any, will be published only at MRPL website and not through press advertisement.
Pre-Qualification Criteria (PQC)
The bidder should be a manufacturer or authorized dealer/agency of Hydrogen Peroxide as per technical specification and submit valid authorization letter from manufacturer in case they are not manufacturer.

Past Experience
1.The Bidder should have supplied at least 1008 MT / Rs.317.52 Lakhs worth of Hydrogen Peroxide similar to technical specification to any Indian Refineries / Petrochemicals / Industries against one single Purchase Order during last five years period, ending last day of the month previous to the one in which tender is invited
2.Vendor needs to submit the item supplied proof such as PO copy along with either Invoice copy or Dispatch documents or Order Completion Certificate.
Note: In line with the Government policy, qualified Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (MSEs) will be given relaxation up to 15% on prior experience, i.e. order quantity of 856.80 MT / Rs. 269.89 Lakhs (for 2a above) is acceptable.

Other Criteria
a)The Bidder shall not be in the Holiday list / Blacklist / of any CPSU / Sate PSU / Central or State Government Undertaking. An undertaking to this effect to be submitted by the vendor.

Bid Evaluation Criteria (BEC)
1.The bidder shall adhere to technical specification in toto.
2.Subject to technical and commercial acceptance, the bid will be evaluated on the overall landed cost (Net of Set Off) basis.
3.In case Tolerance in weighment is mentioned in bidder’s offer, amount equivalent to the tolerance limits mentioned in the offer shall be added on to the bidder’s quoted price for evaluation.
4.MRPL reserve the right to split the order quantity between L1/L2 bidders on 60:40 basis at L1 rates (Net of Set off Landed cost). If L2 bidder does not agree to match L1 rate, then L3 & so on bidders will be asked to match L1 rate. If no one agrees to match L1 rate then up to 100% quantity will be awarded to L1 bidder, provided the bidder submits documentary evidence as per PQC point no.2 for supply proof of up to 1680 MT quantity / Rs.529.20 lakhs value of material against one single order. The 1008 MT quantity / Rs.317.52 lakhs value of supply proof as mentioned in PQC point no.2 is to avail 60% of tender qty. and supply proof of 1680 MT quantity / Rs.529.20 lakhs is to avail 100% tender qty. Accordingly, as per supply proof, the order quantity will be decided in between 60% to 100%.
5.In case, if it is found that the L1 price quoted by the vendors is identical, preference for 60% quantity shall be given to the vendor who has quoted less delivery period.