MRPL-NMPT Integrity Club Seminar - Chilume Bhavya Bharathadatta

5th November 2018

As a part of Vigilance Awareness Week, MRPL organised ‘Chilume Bhavya Barathadatta’, a one day seminar on integrity for children on 5th November 2018. Total 148 students from 8th Std to PUC from 14 neighbouring schools and colleges representing 14 integrity clubs participated in the programme. The integrity clubs were formed to inculcate ethics and values in the young minds. The seminar was held jointly with New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT) and in association with the Rotary Club of Mangalore Port town at JNC Hall NMPT Mangalore. The students of 14 schools and colleges, Rotarians, their family members, media persons, all about 250 people participated actively.

The program began with Lighting of lamp by the dignitaries. Mr. Chandrashekar V Totad, President - Rotary Club, Mangalore Port town welcomed the guests and participants. Student’s leader Kumari Poorvi spoke about the purpose of the Meet. Shri Kiran Prasad Rai, Rotarian, Assistant Governor, RI Dist. 3181, Zone-2 administered the pledge to all the Integrity Club members.

While speaking on the occasion Shri Srikrishna Karuturi, ITS, CVO NMPT complimented the organisers, namely MRPL and Rotary Club for bringing together good number of children from different schools and colleges. He also expressed his gratitude for roping in NMPT as a joint organiser. He appreciated the concept of Integrity Club, the process of inculcation of integrity in the minds of young budding children. Whenever there is pressure to do something wrong, we should stand by our integrity and honesty, he said.

While speaking on the occasion Shri Aswath, Chief Engineer (Civil), NMPT said that corruption happens in different areas in life. However, ‘the misuse of public position for direct or indirect personal gain’ is corruption. He cited examples of recent bank scams and how the business was affected due to this. He touched upon introduction of GST and its impact on the economy.

While speaking on the occasion Shri Rajeev Kushwah, ITS, CVO MRPL, said corruption and Integrity are just opposite to each other. If you have absolute integrity, then there is no corruption. The personal integrity once established, people starts respecting you, he said. They put their trust in you that you will do the right thing every time, he concluded.

While speaking on the occasion DGM - Vigilance, Shri K Upendra Rao quoted some real life examples of the schools of North Eastern states, where the integrity was held high.

Guest of honour Shri. BHV Prasad, GGM (HR), MRPL said that the world is moving towards artificial intelligence, so the children need to equip themselves the contemporary education along with the most traditional system. He appealed students to develop good hobbies in addition to their regular studies.

Shri Vasu Naik, Rotarian proposed the vote of thanks. Shri Rajendra P and Smt Poornima Kaulagi compered the whole proceedings.

After the formal inauguration of the Seminar and the Integrity Clubs, training session started with Magic Show by renowned magician Shri Kudroli Ganesh. During the Magic Show he demonstrated the techniques of Integrity to accomplish the goals by giving some examples of Japanese culture.

During the second session Prof. Manoj Louise, of Govt. junior College, Kavoor conducted and demonstrated the activities on how to build team spirit among the students and on how to contribute effectively as a member of the group.

On this occasion, an essay writing competition was conducted and about 30 students participated in this competition. The prizes were distributed to the winners.

In the concluding session, students interacted and shared their views on the seminar. Shri Sharath Budale, CGM - ISD, MRPL graced the occasion in the final session.

In the end the members of the integrity club were taken inside the NMPT port for the site visit.