Bitumen is a mixture of Hydro carbons and thermoplastic material having strong tarry odour. It stiffness is dependent on temperature. The temperature-vs-stiffness relationship of bitumen is dependent on the source of crude oil and the method of refining. It also known as Asphalt and Mineral Pitch.

Bitumen available in bulk and packed in 156 Kgs Drums.

Bitumen Brochure


Bitumen is mainly used for road construction, Surface on runways in Airports for smoother runways. Hydraulic applications such as lining in canals, protection in river banks and dams and reservoirs.

It is also used in industrial applications like roofing, electrical cable, junction boxes, mastic for flooring, water proofing for terraces, duplex paper manufacture, etc. The Bitumen is available in packed as well in bulk.

According to viscosity (degree of fluidity) grading, higher the grade, stiffer the Bitumen. Tests are conducted at 60degC and 135degC, which represent the temperature of road surface during summer (hot climate, similar to northern parts of India) and mixing temperature respectively. The penetration at 25degC, which is annual average pavement temperature, is also retained.


MRPL manufactures two grades of Bitumen: VG10 (80/100) & VG30 (60/70). VG40 can also be manufactured and supplied based on demand.



CRMB (Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen)

CRMB is a special type of Bitumen whose properties have been improved by the addition of crumb rubber thus altering the physical properties of Bitumen making it more resistant to temperature variations, weather and high traffic loads, reduced maintenance costs and excellent driving comfort.


CRMB can be used for wearing courses at heavy traffic roads, busy intersections, bridge decks and roundabouts for increased life of the surfacing.


MRPL manufactures two grades of Bitumen: CRMB-55 & CRMB-60.