Code of Conduct

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 Training Policy for Board of Directors

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 Board Sub-Committee
 Details of Board Sub-Committee  
 Appointment letter to Independent Directors

 Shri Vivek Mallya

 Ms. Manjula C

 Dr. Balbir Singh

 Shri V. P. Haran

 Dr. G. K. Patel

 Shri Sewa Ram

 Shri R.T. Agarwal
 Resignation of Director

 Shri D. K. Sarraf
 Business Responsibility Report

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 Whistle Blower Policy

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 Material Subsidairy Policy

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 MRPL Policy for Disclosure of Material Events and
 Policy for preservation of documents/records

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 Dividend Distribution Policy

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 Related Party Transaction Policy

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 Other Disclosures

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 Trading Window Closure