Bird's Eye View of the Refinery

Green Belt

MRPL has also developed a Green Belt around the entire Refinery. The Green Belt consists of plant species that have been specially selected to blend with the local flora. Some of the species are expected to act as bio-indicators. A comprehensive programme has been launched by MRPL for developing a greenbelt around the Refinery.

Necessity Of Greenbelt

Logistics within the Greenery

The main objective of setting up a green belt is to mitigate fugitive emissions or accidental releases, control soil erosion, to facilitate waste water utilization, control noise pollution and to improve the aesthetic view of the Refinery.

Selection of plant species was done by assessing their adaptability to local conditions and by NEERIs recommendations. The plant species are required to have the following attributes:

  1. Fast growing large evergreen canopy cover, large leaf index and resistance to pollutants.
  2. Adaptable to Agro-geo climatic conditions to preserve the ecological balance of the region.
  3. Species like mango and shisum to be included as potential bio indicators of pollution.

More than 50 varieties of plants, which are locally adaptable, have been planted in the green belt. Acasia, Bauhinia, Cashew, Casuarina, Eucalyptus, Glyricidia, Gulmohar, Hopia, Jackfruit, Mahagoni,Mango, Peltophorum, Rain tree, Soapnut, Spathodia, Tamarindus, Teak, Vetiria are a few varieties seen in the belt.